About the 工作室艺术 Degree Program


的 工作室艺术 degree offers a comprehensive study for those preparing for a career in the visual arts or future graduate study.

In pursuing a 工作室艺术 degree, you will acquire specialized skills and develop a unique and individual approach to your work. 教师 strive to empower you to live a life rich in artistic expression and professional achievement.

作为一个艺术专业的学生, you'll be expected to demonstrate a high level of ability in basic art courses, and to build on that foundation to excel in your area of specialization. 的 program builds toward a public exhibition of students' art during their senior year.

学生 can choose from the following emphasis areas: Ceramics, Drawing, Glass, Illustration, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

艺术系 at the 内布拉斯加大学 at Kearney has an exceptional student-to-faculty ratio where instructors work closely with you, guiding and challenging you to excel in your artistic and scholarly pursuits. 虽然 课程, your creativity will be developed and your knowledge of fine art processes expanded. In core foundation courses you will practice critical thinking skills and explore self-expression.

工作室艺术 Program at a Glance



一般的研究 requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to bet36365体育.


工作室艺术 Bachelor of 艺术



With the New Nebraskan Scholarship all undergraduate students pay in-state tuition


“bet36365体育是 a great value and the education quality is 优秀的. 艺术 & Design Department is truly a 宝石. Professors are passionate, 熟练的, 和迷人的, and class sizes are small enough to receive guided help when needed. Everybody here is super encouraging and they push you to be better. It’s a really inviting place to be and students are free to be who they really are. bet36365体育是 让我做好准备 for my degree and is giving me necessary skills and confidence to succeed.”



What can you do with a 工作室艺术 Degree

Learn more about the types of jobs and common employers that 工作室艺术 graduates work for.


  • 雕塑家
  • 陶艺家
  • 漫画家
  • 画家
  • 纹身艺术家
  • 壁画艺术家
  • 化妆师
  • 漫画艺术家
  • 书法家
  • 玻璃鼓风机
  • 商业艺术家
  • 摄影师
  • 珠宝设计师
  • 展览设计师
  • 设置设计师


Art K-12 Teaching Field Endorsement In 教育 Visual Communication and Design